Welcome to the 3rd compilation release by Natty Droid. Once again we have contributions from all our friend around the world including unique releases just for this album, as well as the good ol familiar artists we have also had contributions from new artists as well. So sit back and relax to some fresh new 8bit and Digital reggae. And once again we have a special bonus side from our friends and supporters with tunes in some crazy 8bit styles and remixes of our artists and others.


Joining us for the first time are Tron and La 3KtorC from Spain Eskimo Attack from Mexico, Poupa Honk from Switzerlandand flip da scrip from the US on the digital side, and Jahdubtahz from Crete and modul8 & BitFXclique from Germany who appear on the Bytes side.

Also with us once again are Dr RemiX and The Dubpressed from Holland, Helgeland 8bit squad from Norway, Gresson, Wellwell Sound, Yahmedle, Don Péké and Jouanito from France, DVAnt, Trinity lo Fi, and Unorthodox Conquerer from the UK, Ichiyo from Japan, Sub Alpine Xpress from Italy and Dubious Disc and Dunn Drank from the US.


A big shout to Yahmedle and Gresson without whom i couldn’t of got this done. Many thanks for your time guys. and a great big thanks to Dan from the Dub Presidents who did our little mini mixes, and to joel for our jingles, many thanks guys.

This time our cover has been designed by the wonderful Miss Mittens, whom we thank for giving us the time and the art.and also 8BC who designed the little mushroom for us many thanks guys, and to gresson again who did the insert and had to put up with me and yahmedle changinging every time, Big thanks also to Rich who designed the original Droid.

Miss Mittens Art Miss Mittens Facebook 8BC Art 

Once again a truly worldwide experience.

Natty droid is a  non profit organisation, our message is to promote unity and love from around the world. All of the musicians and artists have provided everything for free, So i thank everyone for participating and taking time out to donate. Thanks Guys you are all so kind.

The Download is free, So sit back and relax or put on your dancing shoes and enjoy some great 8bit and digital music done by some great people.


nd mushroom


Here is some links to the wonderful artist who appear on this compilation

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Trinity Lo Fi Trinity Lo-Fi Bandcamp

Dunn Drank 

DVAnt The Ant Farm


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Don Peke 

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Eskimo Attack Eskimo Attack Facebook

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The Dubpressed 

BitFXclique hoodwood hills  BitFX Studio Facebook

Jahdubtahz modul8   watta sound

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Unothodox Conquerer